We have tried to answer a number of frequently asked questions below. Please contact our team for any further questions.



Greywolf is equipped with an Iridium phone, which works worldwide.  There is no charge for incoming phone calls. Outbound phone calls will be charged to the Charterer’s account.  Pre paid cards can be purchased.

SMS can be sent to the ships Iridium phone. Details on how to receive information via SMS will be shared prior to your voyage.

Whilst at sea Wifi will be limited in many areas. When in port and if a wifi connection is available the boat’s skype account can be used: Greywolf.78 for incoming calls. Please note updates or large data downloads should be avoided.



Valid IDs and full travel & medical insurance (valid for the destinations) must be carried by all members of the Charter party. Upon arrival copies should be given to the Captain.

Visas may be required to access specific locations, which will need to be organised prior to your trip. Securing a visa can sometimes be a lengthy process so check in advance with the governing bodies regarding time frames. Please let us know if you need any support with securing your visa.

When applying for some visas the governing body may require a letter from Grey Wolf Adventures about your travel arrangements.  We will provide this information as requested.


Please share your itinerary with your Doctor to check if any vaccinations are required.


Visit the relevant customs & restrictions website for further details on what the governing body will allow within their country. Certain food, drink and wood products will be prohibited.


You will be allocated your own cabin where you can store your personal belongings. Stowage space is limited, so please travel light. Use a soft bag or hold-all, as there is no room for suitcases or rucksacks.  


We cannot be held responsible for any personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged. Smaller valuables can be stored in the safe.


All guest cabins will be equipment with hairdryers.  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and towels will be provided.


In reasonable amounts a light personal laundry service is available.      


Please bring adequate supplies of prescriptions or other medication with you.


When at sea Galcoholrey Wolf is run as a ‘dry ship’ and potentially at some anchorages when there is a real possibility of having to ‘up anchor’ and move off. This is at the Captain discretion. In port reasonable amounts of alcohol can be consumed. However, excessive alcohol consumption that leads to situations where people are at risk, or where the harmony of life on board is disturbed to an extent that other guests are made uncomfortable will not be tolerated. If this situation arises, the Captain reserves the right to return to port and to disembark any Charterer at an intermediary port, or disembark the entire group in a group charter if necessary.