The incredible Vanuatu

Arrived to some amazing snorkeling and kayaking conditions! Having a lot of fun exploring the remote island coastlines. Even managed to spot some Dugongs!

Was awesome watching the local fisherman in their home-made dugout canoes! Even better to see a Dad teaching his daughter some tips and tricks

Spent hours chasing crabs on the remote beaches of Ambryn Island. Finally managed to catch on in its hole!

Taking in the remote beaches of Vanuatu. Not quite the white sand I promised but still pretty good!

Sometimes the best way to explore is by Kayak. The shallow clear water meant you got a great underwater experience without even getting wet!

Searching for dugongs in the mangroves. We managed to find them but unfortunately, we weren’t quick enough on the camera

Steven chasing birds around the islands! Was amazing the contrast between open water to overgrown jungle paths

We FINALLY found a dolphin! Judith managed to snap this amazing photo of a spinner dolphin mid jump.