Cruise Svalbard

Cruise Svalbard’s Arctic glory in our luxury expedition motor vessel.



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Cruise Svalbard on our luxury expedition motor boat.  Svalbard is Situated at 75°N, and is a haven for wildlife and offers one of the best opportunities to see wild Polar Bears. Grey Wolf Adventures can offer you a unique chance to explore this inaccessible coastline via your own private yacht. It is a once in a lifetime experience of pristine wilderness in the heart of the Arctic. Get in touch today!

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Polar bears, Walruses and Acient Burial grounds when cruising Svalbard in our luxury expedition motor vessel.

Your trip will begin with a scenic flight into the capital of Longyearbyen, for a one, two or three week Svalbard cruise depending on your cruising dreams. With Grey Wolf Adventures our focus is on wildlife, wilderness, and unique experiences. Cruise Svalbard with us and we will tailor the trip to your interests but below are some of our favourite locations.  Our Luxury expedition vessel, Grey Wolf, has been custom made for adventure charters, check out the boat here.

Svalbard Cruise Routes.

Svalbard Cruise Route Map for Expedition Motor Boat Grey Wolf.

Svalbard Cruising Routes for Grey Wolf. We offer 1, 2, and 3 week cruises.

Key Places on your Svalbard Cruise.


The capital of Svalbard, it was originally a coal mining town . It is a modern small town know for its view of the Northern lights. There is a modern museum that follows the region’s natural and cultural history. Polar bears can occasionally be seen in the area.


Which translates to “Ice Bay”. It is home to sabines gull, skua and bearded seals and another polar bear hot spot. It position is on the eastern shore of Spitsbergen. The glacier Vasil’evbreen spills into the bay from the North and Sørkappfonna spills into the bay from the South.


Nesting site of black-legged kittiwakes, a great chance to see arctic fox and ancient bowhead whale bones.


An historical whaling site, which was used at the operations centre for the North, its name means blubber town and was first occupied in 1614. In its hay day it had over 200 men living there boiling blubber into oil.


Bird Mountain, home to 100,000 pairs of brunnich’s guillemots that lay eggs amongst the basalt cliffs.


A wildlife sanctuary home to 100s of walrus where they have managed to re establish themselves after being hunted to near extinction. There are often large numbers of Walrus hauled out on the southern tip of the island making it a popular place to stop. it is protected between the 15th May and 15th September.


A remote archipelago of mountainous islands, which includes Phippsoya, these islands offer fascinating human history and wildlife viewing.Sjuøyane were first marked on a map by the Dutchman Hendrick Doncker (1663) and Pieter Goos (1666).


The most remote island in Svalbard and a fantastic spot for walrus and polar bears. It is the most eastern part of the kingdom of Norway and only 62 kilometres from Russia.


A historical research town founded in 1917 it started life as a mining town and now has research institutes from ten countries. It is also home to the most northerly post office in the world.

Please note: This is a guideline only. We at Grey Wolf will strive to give you an authentic, unique and breathtaking experience but every trip is subject to weather, ice conditions and captains discretion. All of our trips are able to be personalised to suit your preferences and bucket list destinations. Contact us for more information

*Special Offer is off the listed price. Only for final bookings made on/before January 31st 2020. 10% Deposit Required. Non-refundable.
**Standard Package; 3x Crew, 6 nights, 7 days. Included. Fuel / Food / Board. Not included; Specialised guides/equipment, Flights, Independent shore excursions, Hotels, Alcohol, Specialised Menu. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

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