Key time to cruise: All year round
What we enjoyed: The only mode of transport is to walk around this gorgeous island.

Herm is one of the Channel Islands and part of the Parish of St Peter Port in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It is located in the English Channel, north-west of France and south of England. It is a mile and a half long and under half a mile wide.

A prefect walk
Herm - Image courtesy of VisitGuernsey

Herm – Image courtesy of VisitGuernsey

Cars are banned from the island, as are bicycles; quad bikes and tractors used for staff and luggage transport respectively are allowed. Walking is the only mode of transport but this is the best way to see the island. Whilst walking around the island you will encounter several buildings of note, including the White House, St Tugual’s Chapel, Fisherman’s Cottage, “The Mermaid” pub and restaurant, and a small primary school with about eight children. During a busy summer season, up to 100,000 tourists visit the island, arriving by one of the catamaran ferries operated by the Trident Charter Company.

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