Cruise Norway

Cruise Norway in 2020 on our Luxury Adventure Motor Vessel.



PRICES FROM £40,000 / Week / 6 Persons **

Cruise Norway with us and discover one of the most spectacular coastlines in Europe! From dramatic fjords, stunning sunsets and feeding whales, Norway offers something for everyone. With our purpose-built exploration yacht we can reach destinations others cannot, in unparalleled comfort! Get in touch today.

Grey Wolf Tender, High Latitude Sunset, Puffin, Eagle

High Latitude Beauty and Wildlife as seen from Grey Wolf.

Your trip will begin in Tromso where you will join Grey Wolf, meet the crew and have a quick orientation and safety brief. We will depart on a one / two / three week circumnavigation of the Lofoten Islands. At Grey Wolf adventures our focus is on wildlife, wilderness and unique experiences. We will tailor the trip to your interests but below are some of our favourite locations. Our Luxury expedition vessel, Grey Wolf, has been custom made for adventure charters, check out the boat here.

Norway Cruise Routes.

Grey Wolf Cruising Route for the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Lofoten Islands Cruising route for Grey Wolf. We offer 1 and 2 week cruises

Key Places on your Norway Cruise.


The Lofotens are home to a wide range of incredible animals. Watch massive sea eagles hunt from the cliff tops, puffins perched with beaks full of sand eels, curious seals and playful porpoises The seas are teeming with life which support numerous sea birds and whales including minke, humpback and sperm whales


World-famous whale hotspots, the large marine mammals congregate here due to deepwater upwellings of plankton and squid.  The village of Andenes is the northernmost settlement of the island of Andøya. To the west it has the endless horizon of the North Atlantic Ocean.


A spectacular narrow channel between vertical cliffs and home to residential Orca, a great spot to witness these magnificent beasts.


The picturesque bucolic village is a tour favourite and perfect starting place for hiking and exploring it is the principle town in the Moskenes is a municipality. The municipality comprises the southern part of the island of Moskenesøya in the traditional district of Lofoten.


The perfect anchorage for hiking, fishing and exploring, tucked into a spectacular mountainous fjord. Located on the southwestern tip of Hinnoya.


This former leading historic fishing village is hidden between towering cliffs.

Please note: This is a guideline only. We at Grey Wolf will strive to give you an authentic, unique and breathtaking experience but every trip is subject to weather, ice conditions and captain’s discretion. All of our trips are able to be personalised to suit your preferences and bucket-list destinations. Contact us for more information

*Special Offer is off the listed price. Only for final bookings made on / before January 31st 2020. 10% Deposit Required. Non-refundable.
**Standard Package; 3x Crew, 6 nights, 7 days. Included; Fuel / Food / Board.  Not included; specialised guides/equipment, flights, independent shore excursions, hotels, alcohol, specialised Menu. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

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