We understand the passion and drive behind getting the perfect shot and our team will work with you in securing the footage you need to make your filming a success. We are happy to support filming on a broad range of subjects, including the boat and crew featuring within the filming. Of course, we can also be ‘invisible’ to the story and provide support in the background.

Film Project Support

We are aware the needs and requirements of each producer, director and cameramen will be different and we will work closely with each team to ensure their specific needs are met. We are happy for the film crew to utlise the equipment onboard including our power platform and communications. We are also fully equipped with diving kits, compressor and divemaster for underwater projects. The upper deck presents a truly fantastic platform for filming due to the out side walkway. The boat is super quiet allowing you the ability to film wildlife without disturbing them in their natural habitat. We are also equipped with two rugged metal bottomed inflatables to allow you access to almost anywhere.

Below decks are dry and spacious to store filming equipment and film stock. In the forepeak, we have a bulk stowage area that can accommodate 1 tonne or 3 cubic meters of equipment. We can also charge 220 volt, 110 volt, 24 volt and 12 volt filming equipment and our tool bench and materials store is fully fitted in order to accomplish almost any onboard repair.