We want clients to enjoy their time on Grey Wolf and feel it’s important to outline our approach to ensure expectations are met. We are a flexible team; however, traveling to beautiful remote locations can come with its limitations. If you have any specific questions please contact our team, who will be happy to help.

Our Style

Grey Wolf is an expedition vessel and is not run like a charter vessel. Our aim is to give guests a relaxed and enjoyable trip with the opportunity to participate in all facets of operating a small vessel. It doesn’t mean decks will need scrubbing but guests will be encouraged to pour their own drinks. There is a dedicated cook/stewardess/mate who will prepare meals unless guests wish to be involved.


On deck, everyone will have the opportunity to do some helming and help with launching and re-embarking the dinghy. No prior experience is needed to get involved, just a willingness to take part if desired.

The vessel is equipped for comfort. It is dry, warm and built for stability, there are proper bunks and spacious heads (bathrooms) with hot water showers. We have a library and a good selection of music and films. In short, it is eminently suitable for expedition boating in extreme environments.


Grey Wolf is not a luxury ‘yacht’ there is no varnish work or fancy stainless steel fittings on deck but the internal spaces are equipped for comfort. There is a water maker and facilities which allow showers to be used as often as required. A large area of the boat is dedicated to solar panels and large generators on the engines, so power is not an issue.

Planning and Organisational Responsibilities

The Grey Wolf team will work with each client to help create the ideal itinerary. We can give advice with travel plans to and from the ship but all arrangements, such as bookings of flights or visas to the country, are the responsibility of the client.

For areas requiring special permits, i.e. South Georgia and Antarctica, we will give advice, refer clients to some of the relevant authorities and give environmental guidelines. However, it is the client’s responsibility to find out if they need permits from their national authorities (and any other clearances such as visas etc) for their expedition’s land based activities. Grey Wolf will apply for and obtain its own permit as a carrier with the UK Foreign Office.

In the event the client cannot obtain a permit as required by his national authority (or other relevant clearances/documentation) this will not constitute a basis for refund of any deposits paid.


Although our track record is well established, the possibility of failure and danger is by our definition implicit in an expedition. Otherwise it would not be an adventure! Therefore we can give no guarantees that any expedition or group will reach its objectives.

We will make our best efforts to stick to a client’s itinerary as agreed beforehand, but the possibility of modifications because of: weather, the limitations of a small sailing vessel and the skipper’s final say on decisions affecting safety, amongst other factors, must be accepted by the client.

Voyaging with Grey Wolf is a true adventure where uncertainty is a key element in defining the quality of your experience.