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14 June, 2017

More of the south!

Although we spent several weeks in the southern tip of New Caledonia it was amazing how many tiny unique islands there were! It was really interesting island hopping around and…

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10 June, 2017

The Isle of Pines

Back in New Caledonia and heading to the amazing Isle of Pines. Finally the white sandy beaches we have all been waiting for!

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01 June, 2017

The mighty Yassur Volcanoe

This was one of the most highly anticipated destinations in Vanuatu and we happened to arrive to perfect weather! Standing on top of an active volcano and feeling every explosion…

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20 May, 2017

The incredible Vanuatu

Arrived to some amazing snorkeling and kayaking conditions! Having a lot of fun exploring the remote island coastlines. Even managed to spot some Dugongs!

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11 May, 2017

Sheltering from the storm!

We have busy exploring the southern part of New Caledonia and now heading up to Vanuatu! Currently sheltering in Baie de Saint Vincent just north of Noumea from Cyclone Donna.

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24 April, 2017

Sea trials Video

Grey wolf has had 3 months of sea trials and our new zoologist / photographer Simon Lucas has put together a quick video of all the action!  

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The Waiting Game

12 November, 2016

The waiting game…

Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve realised I can relate to the children who are eagerly awaiting for Christmas morning. As Christmas gets closer and each day passes,…

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Our Further Adventures…
with the Berthon Boat Company

RSS FPB 64 Grey Wolf
  • The Approach to Easter Island – Flying Fish, Impromptu Cake and Giant Stone Heads | News from Apprentice Dan 16th November 2018
    Day 8 – Friday 26th October Location – At Sea -S 26’36.591 W 119’51.480 Destination – Easter Island An un-eventful day at sea today, but un-eventful is good. We are 550 Nautical Miles from Easter Island, and we are due to arrive early Monday morning. Today I learnt about flying...
  • From the UK, to Mangareva and then onwards to Open Sea | Apprentice Dan boards FPB 78 #2 GREY WOLF II 9th November 2018
    We (the landlubbers at Berthon’s Lymington HQ) introduced you to Marine Electrical apprentice Daniel Savin very briefly in ‘Welcome to the Further Adventures of GREY WOLF’. Before reading on, we thought it best to give you a little insight into this would-be intrepid apprentice adventurer… Daniel began his apprenticeship as...
  • Welcome to the Further Adventures of GREY WOLF 29th October 2018
    Feat. FPB 78#2 GREY WOLF II. You may remember the Long Voyage Home, when FPB 64 GREY WOLF made sail from New Zealand to the Channel Islands, with owner Peter Watson, and a series of Berthon apprentices. It was an extraordinary trip. We are now pleased to announce ‘The Further...
  • Journey’s End 28th August 2015
    24th August I am happy to report a straight forward passage between Lindøy and Stavenger – it being mostly an inshore affair, with wall to wall sunshine and mill pond-esk waters. With the end of GREY WOLF’s journey insight, I must admit that Peter’s apprehension has been steadily on the...
  • Questionably tied bowlines & a rock wedged between two cliffs. 23rd August 2015
    20th August Slightly worrying news greeted us first thing, as we found when paying that the harbour master had been rushed to hospital overnight with heart problems. Later in the morning, Andy took a turn wakeboarding (or “scurfing” as it is apparently known) and we headed to Lavøya og Selen....