The Equipment

The Bridge

Grey Wolf is equipped with two complete bridge systems. One on the Matrix Deck and one in the Great Room. We have used the latest technology and instruments to ensure fast and efficient cruising as well as safe and effective navigation.

The entire system has severalĀ built-in redundancies so even in the event of a major failure of one or more systems we can still manage to safely navigate. For example, there are 3 separate steering backups.

SIMRAD: Argus Commercial Radar, VHF, Auto Pilot, Steering, ECDIS, Depth Sounder, MARETRON: Complete systems monitoring, SAILOR: 6000 Series VHF/MF/HF, ZF: Throttle Controls, ECHOMAX: Active Radar Reflector, FURUNO: Forward Facing Radar, FLIR: Infrared Camera.

Grey Wolf Cockpit Instruments

The Engine Room

One of the best engine rooms available on a sub-24m boat. Ample room for engine room checks and repairs. The boat runs on twin 235hp John Deere engines, these relatively small engines are made possible by the very efficient hull design. This ensures high economy cruising, low noise and vibration, and low engine load. The engine room is also very well insulated to ensure minimal audio and heat transfer to the rest of the boat.

Grey Wolf is equipped with a 300 litre / hour Water Maker and Webesto water heater means there is ample water for the crew and guests. Massive grey and black water tanks to ensure minimal effect on the marine environment. It has one engine cruising capabilities to conserve fuel and in emergency situations.

Grey Wolf Engine Room