Key time to cruise: All year round
What we enjoyed: The relaxed atmosphere and the history from before the first world war up to the present.

This idyllic island is found within the English Channel. It offers a chance to enjoy a slower pace of life due to the laid back attitude of the islanders. 

The most northerly of the Channel Islands is Alderney, which is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It is 3 miles long and 1 12 miles wide. As of April 2013, the island has a population of 1,903 people. The main town, St Anne, historically known as “La Ville“, (or “Town” in English), is often referred to as “St Anne’s” by visitors and incomers, but rarely by locals (who, in normal conversation, still most frequently refer to the area centred on Victoria St simply as “Town”). The town’s “High St”, which formerly had a small handful of shops, is now almost entirely residential.

The island has a very relaxed, laid back attitude to life, which is definitely noticeable when visiting. Whilst roaming around the island its beauty is still clear to see despite the scars of Alderney’s history dominating its landscape. There are numerous forts, batteries and bunkers to be seen. The Alderney Museum provides a fascinating insight into the history of the island and it’s many historical landmarks.

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Arial photo of Alderney