Key time to cruise: May to October
What we enjoyed: Traveling around the island on scooters.

Surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise water, Bermuda is a must see destination. A truly unique experience will be enjoyed as British charm is mixed with island soul.

Whilst in Bermuda the crew enjoyed discovering the island on scooters and its coastline via jet skis. It was a great way to see such a beautiful island. Key attractions include Diving, Fort Hamilton, Crystal and Fantasy Cove, Walsingham Nature Reserve and Blue Hole Park.

Fort Hamilton
Enjoy spectacular views whilst exploring Fort Hamilton.

Enjoy spectacular views whilst exploring Fort Hamilton.

Visitors to the fort will expect to see heavy guns and underground passengers but the beautifully kept gardens will be a welcomed surprise. The fort provides ideal picnic spots where spectacular views of Hamilton harbour can be enjoyed.

There are many Forts to be enjoyed in Bermuda. Most have been restored and offer stunning views of this beautiful island.




Crystal and Fantasy Caves
Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Bermuda

Explore Bermuda’s underground beauty by visiting the Crystal and Fantasy Caves.

Described as “Bermuda’s True Hidden Treasures” the caves are a must see visit. Each cave is adorned with rare chandelier clusters and delicately formed crystallised soda straws, which create a beautiful sight to see. The underground pools are clear azure blue waters, which only add to the caves’ beauty.

Pathways of floating pontoons have been carefully placed to allow you to enjoy one of Mother Nature wonders.



Walsingham Nature Reserve
Blue Hole Park, Bermuda.

Enjoy a dip whilst visiting Blue Hole Park, Bermuda.

The Walsingham Nature Reserve is a hidden gem. When entering the reserve there is a sense of exploring a jungle due to the woodland trails, which takes the path through a dense canopy of trees and lush vegetation.

Throughout the reserve are a number of stunning natural attractions including the Blue Hole Park and Causeway Cave. The reserve is perfect for a day of hiking, wildlife watching, and swimming.



The Hermes shipwreck is just one of the many dive sites to be enjoyed.

The Hermes shipwreck is just one of the many dive sites to be enjoyed.

Bermuda offers some of the best diving sites in the world. With over 300 shipwrecks around the island there is a vast amount of maritime history and aquatic life waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Some of the more famous shipwrecks include the Mary Celestia (Mari Celeste), The Hermes, the 2 tugs, and the Minnie Breslauer.



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